Uniting as a Community

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If ever there was a time for the disability community to unite, it is now.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) has challenged the world and, in turn, made us especially vulnerable. Big decisions are being made outside of our control. Sometimes, people's actions are putting us at risk. There are real concerns that threaten us. Equally true, there are amazing people and organizations doing wonderful things to help.

Together, we can find strength.

There are ways to look after each other. We can talk to the Government of Canada and voice our concerns. We can tell our stories for others to hear. We can connect through our issues and find support.

The Covid-19 microsite has been set up for us.

  • You will find an ever-developing "Resources" from many disability-related and other organizations across Canada providing support during this time of crisis. 
  • If your organization is providing support in your community right now, please let us know by adding your organization's name, contact info and a description of your support to our section: Organizations Working for You During Covid-19. Our hope is this section will build over time.
  • If you've got something to say about what is going on in your life, please share your story. We want to hear about the people who have gone out of their way to help you... what keeps you up at night... and what do you think is the solution? Sharing stories is important. They help decision makers take action. They help us all feel better connected. And they build a history that is ours, that we can remember and learn from. 
  • If you are looking for help and support, post a message on our Discussion Board

Remember, #TogetherStrong.