COVID-19 and People with Disabilities

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If the experiences of people with disabilities during COVID-19 are not recorded, then it will be like they never happened. No one will know about attendants showing up without personal protection equipment - or not showing up at all. No one will know about the extreme fear people faced as triaging in intensive care units was discussed. No one will remember that people were not allowed to visit their loved ones. No one will understand the stress of increased expenses on a fixed income for items like food (food banks were closed), personal protection equipment (for you and those who assist you), assistance with other tasks like shopping. And then there was a $600 one-time payment when other Canadians received $2,000 per month. No one will learn from the mistakes of this pandemic if we don't make sure people remember.

The COVID-19 Disability Survey is a special initiative to record the experiences, concerns and needs of people with disabilities during the COVID-19 outbreak and recovery period.

The survey’s findings will provide important information to help communities ensure that COVID-19 response strategies meet the needs of people of all abilities.

Help future generations of people with disabilities. Record your experiences. Make change happen.

The survey is available in English, French, ASL and Plain Language. Here's the link:

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