Making Canada Accessible

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Carla Qualtrough, Martin Deschamps and Jayne Melville Whyte
Join the fun at the next monthly RoundUp with Disability Without Poverty! Share in the incredible artistic community we have and celebrate our gifts and passions. Minister Carla Qualtrough will join to discuss the Canada Disability Benefit (Bill C35).
A magnifying glass highlighting a survey question of very satisfied, satisfied, neutral, unsatisfied.
If the experiences of people with disabilities during COVID-19 are not recorded, then it will be like they never happened. The COVID-19 Disability Survey is a special initiative to record the experiences, concerns and needs of people with disabilities.
The word "poverty" written with matches
Bill C-35 was introduced on June 22 by the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion Carla Qualtrough. This bill will be known as the proposed Canada Disability Benefit Act. 

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