Vaccines and Treatments for COVID-19: Vaccine Rollout

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The Government of Canada has released a microsite that provides information about the COVID-19 vaccines and covers the following:

  • Producing a vaccine
  • Securing enough vaccine
  • Vaccination for COVID-19
  • Groups that will get the vaccine first
  • Distributing vaccines
  • Total COVID-19 vaccine distribution
  • Pfizer vaccine forecasted allocation
  • Moderna vaccine forecasted allocation
  • Videos, posters and infographics to share

Of particular interest is the section "Groups that will get the vaccine first". People with disabilities are nowhere on the Canadian Government's rollout. 

How is this acceptable? 

It was only the summer of 2019 when the Accessible Canada Act was passed. Things sure seemed bright back then.

Since that time, we have faced COVID 19 triage protocols.

Those of us living in the community who had PSWs lost them when the senior homes paid hire wages to secure staff.

The most vulnerable amongst us, already dealing with poverty received a one-time payment of $600 while our fellow Canadians in need got $2,000/month.

While coping with a pandemic, the Government is trying to ram through new Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) legislation that targets people with disabilities and enables us to end our lives even when death is not imminent.

Now, vaccines are being delivered to all sorts of people in vulnerable situations... but not to people with disabilities.

We lost a lot of ground in 2020.

2021 is not looking any better.

Here's the link to the Government of Canada's Vaccine Rollout website:
You can check out your province's/territory's plan, too.