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News on COVID19 Financial Aid for People w Disabilities/ Actualité sur COVID19 Aide financière aux personnes handicapées

Here’s a quick update to let you all know that today Minister Qualtrough announced that she intends to propose new legislation that would make the $600 benefit available to more people. The new legislation will expand the one-time payment to include approximately 1.7 million Canadians with disabilities, who are recipients of any of the following programs or benefits:

COVID-19 Financial Aid Announced for People with Disabilities

Today the Prime Minister announced that people with disabilities with a Disability Tax Credit Certificate will be receiving a one-time payment of up to $600. Details are still to come from the Government of Canada. This is probably one of the last financial aid packages to be offered. Although this financial aid falls short of what we had hoped for, many people in our community worked hard to make this happen.

COVID-19 Financial Aid to People with Disabilities

During the COVID-19 crisis, Canadians can be proud that we live in a country where our Government is responsive and our core values ensure we look after one another. However, many people with disabilities are still in need of financial aid. We need your help in asking the Government of Canada to work with the provincial and territorial governments to determine how to provide needed, financial assistance. Send a letter to governments across Canada NOW.

Sign the letter - People with Disabilities Should NOT Be Denied Lifesaving Healthcare

We’ve got a big issue on our hands.

If COVID-19 wasn’t frightening enough, now guidelines are being written across the country that put people with disabilities at further risk.

You may have seen open letters already in your provinces about discriminatory triaging. Discriminatory triaging means a person with a disability can be denied lifesaving healthcare based on their disability.


These practices must be stopped immediately.

63 Disability-Related Organizations Sent an Open Letter Regarding Triage Protocols - You can Send Your Support Too

People with disabilities and Deaf people are at special risk – some are vulnerable to COVID-19, and all are vulnerable to discriminatory triaging. 63 Organizations representing and supporting people with disabilities, Deaf people, and their families, know that disability itself is already being used as an indicator in deciding who will gain access to needed health care, and who will not.

Many people with disabilities and Deaf people fear for their lives. These practices must be stopped immediately.

More Work on the Recommendations Regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and People with Disabilities

Last week, Minister Qualtrough's office asked for further clarifications on the Recommendations Relating to COVID and People with Disabilities. With a very short turn around time, a small group put together a supporting document to the recommendations, focusing on financial concerns. It was sent March 31, 2020.  

Uniting as a Community

If ever there was a time for the disability community to unite, it is now.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) has challenged the world and, in turn, made us especially vulnerable. Big decisions are being made outside of our control. Sometimes, people's actions are putting us at risk. There are real concerns that threaten us. Equally true, there are amazing people and organizations doing wonderful things to help.

Together, we can find strength.