The Government of Canada’s Plain Language Version of Bill-C-81

The following document was created by the Government of Canada. This is a summary of Bill C-81 in plain language. This is an easier read than the legal version of the bill. This version gives you the main components of the bill and defines some of the language used.

The Draft Legislation: Bill C-81 - The Accessible Canada Act (First Reading)

On June 20th 2018, Bill C-81 was tabled in the House of Commons and the draft legislation was publicly released. Bill C-81 is also known as the proposed Accessible Canada Act. The purpose of the proposed Act is to benefit all Canadians, especially people with disabilities, by identifying, removing and preventing barriers in areas that are under federal power. The following link goes to the Government of Canada's website.

Canada’s Proposed Federal Accessibility Legislation Summary Report

This report is a summary of recommendations for the proposed federal accessibility legislation from seven non-profit organizations. Each of these organizations provided the government with a detailed list of recommendations formed by input from their members of their respective organizations. On March 28, 2018, these seven organizations came together to discuss their findings and recommendations for the proposed federal accessibility legislation. The information shared, was based on feedback from 141+ partner organizations, and 5400+ respondents. This feedback was used to develop a summary report. This summary report highlights ten of the commonly observed themes and recommendations. They are not presented in any order of priority. These seven organization have continued to work together and now make up the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance (FALA) leadership team.