ARCH Disability Law Group's Legal Analysis of Bill C-81

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The ARCH Disability Law Group report provides a legal analysis of Bill C-81, an act to ensure a barrier-free Canada. The report incorporates feedback that ARCH received from people with disabilities and disability organizations.

In addition to this report, the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance (FALA) has produced an analysis of the Accessible Canada Act and recommendations for improving the bill, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance (AODA Alliance) has produced a brief to Parliament on the Accessible Canada Act. ARCH and the CCD (the organization that requested this report) are both partners of FALA. These reports complement one another and provide a rich set of analyses, issues and recommendations for the community to consider.

Nothing in this report is intended to contradict the legal analyses and recommendations contained in the reports produced by FALA, the AODA Alliance or other disability organizations. Many of the recommendations made by FALA and the AODA Alliance complement and enhance the proposals set out in this report.

A plain language summary is also provided.

Link to: - note these are downloadable files

Legal Analysis of Bill C-81