Join Ethelo and Disability without Poverty

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Wednesday, November 3rd at 4pm PT/7pm ET: You made it through yesterday. You can make it through today. Keep going!  Join in at this upcoming event!


Join Ethelo and Disability without Poverty on November 3rd at 4pm PT/7pm ET to learn more about how to get involved in work on the Canada Disability Benefit. You will join in a lively and informal dialogue to talk about and plan the steps to take action!

In this dialogue, you will;

  • Learn about the current results of the national engagement process we hosted on the topic of a Canada Disability Benefit
  • Hear first-hand about the importance of immediate action to create income security for disabled Canadians
  • Participate in small group discussions and join forces with like-minded individuals who want to collaborate to make change a reality

To find out more, and sign up: