Practising Active Living During the Covid-19 Crisis

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Keeping active is good for us... for our mind, body and spirit. Now, is a great time to share ways we can be active while dealing with the impact of Covid-19 (coronavirus). The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability has started a weekly blog with suggestions on what you can do to stay active and still feel included while being home and isolated. It is important to feel connected these days. You can read the blog and be inspired at: - (scroll down the page).

As well, the Active Living Alliance is looking for your good ideas/activities to include in their weekly blog. So, if you've got them, please share. They want to provide a balance of online and offline activities each week. Active living includes recreation, sport and play – so any suggested activities that fall into these categories would be greatly appreciated!

Your best inclusive ideas and activities are needed for these unique times.

Send your ideas/activities to:

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