Discussion Board

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Important - Please Read

We've set this discussion board up for you to connect with each other.

In these uncertain times, it can be helpful to reach out to others. 

We want to be clear. We do not have all the answers. We are hoping our community of individuals and organizations will reach out to each other to offer support.

This discussion board will be monitored for trolls. Posts will not be published immediately as they will be approved by a moderator. No one wants spam on the board.

The Discussion Board is not monitored for accurate information. Please check your sources and talk to experts. This is especially true for any health related information.

Rules of Engagement

  • Be kind - many of us are experiencing stress right now
  • Be helpful
  • Be tactful
  • Any post that names individuals and is slanderous in any way will not be published. You can be mad, just be respectful.
  • Check that your post topic hasn't already been started in another thread
  • Read the whole thread before posting so you don't repeat what is already there
  • Do not be abusive in any way - you will be removed from the discussions.