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oct 2, 2020

Good day everyone, I am a 58 diabetic. I have been diabetic for over 30 years, but I also have diabetes nerve damage too, 4 years ago I had 4 strokes and then I diagnosed with TTP, which is Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, which is a rare blood disorder, blood clots form in small vessels throughout the body. The clots can limit or block the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the body’s organs, such as the brain, kidneys and heart. As a result, serious health problems can develop. So not just living with one decease but living with more than 3, it is a bit for one person to handle at times. I am not only on medications for my diabetes I am on medications for everything else, as well as 3 different insulins, over 200 test-strips a month, same with needles and just the cost of living.

So, since the COVID has started, I don’t live a normal life anymore, as being at high risk I just don’t go out like I use too. So having to depend on family and friends to help you with just the basic everyday things. They are helping me out with all costs of living and that is because I don’t make enough to hire others to help. Extra costs like masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, Lysol just for everyday cleaning has added another cost. Even though I use Lysol normally, cleaning wipes I have never bought, so that is costing me a lot more. So, what do you buy, medications, groceries or extras so you can go out?

My everyday life has changed so much that there are days that you wish you just had a lot of money, but I don't. I try to live on $1,050 a month. With the cost of living and everything else, I am always broke the first week of the month and if I didn’t like to bake I wouldn’t have bread, buns or even some cinnamon buns and just being able to cook things that most don’t know how to or just don’t like too.

I go out about once a week because if I have to go out any more than that my stress level goes through the roof. Without the masks and hand sanitizers in my purse, I don’t feel comfortable. When I first bought my masks and sanitizers I paid over $150 out of the small budget I have.

So, if this gets to any of the heads in our country you have to think about us at the bottom because we are promised with a small $600 one-time payment, but what about the rest of the months? What about the months that we lived through already with COVID? $600 will help for a short time, but what about the last 6 months we have gotten nothing to date. Hope that those that read this realize that we are in need, as well. Would be nice to see a little more every month, but not hoping for a change, because I don’t think there will be. But would be a great bonus if there was.

Thank you for reading my concerns because they are what I live with every month.

oct 2, 2020

I am a 46-year-old mother of 5 who became a paraplegic due to Transverse Myelitis January 2012 while pregnant. I am currently on CPP disability and I was fortunate to be employed full time as a social worker so, I do receive a top-up from my employer currently. I have extended needs and COVID has made this an extremely difficult time for my family. I understand we needed to be patient to give the government the time they needed to evaluate the needs of all Canadians.

What is not acceptable is persons with disabilities have STILL not received any extra assistance. They’ve helped employees. They’ve helped employers. They’ve helped students. They’ve helped seniors. Why are persons with disabilities not as important as everyone else? It bothers me as a disabled mom, who is incurring extra costs due to the virus. We are told a one-time assistance of $600 is coming, but where is it and does the government feel this is fair? Anyone who has or has cared for a person with a physical disability knows how expensive everything is. Costs for medication alone are costing nearly $200/month (with my blue cross). Persons with disabilities need MORE assistance, not less.

oct 2, 2020

Since Covid-19 hit Canada I joined Twitter to stay current with news. To my surprise, I found a community of PWD just like me, going through the same financial, emotional & medical crisis. As time went on it was becoming very clear how PWD were being discriminated against by the federal gov't & to this day, still have no gov't aid. Now, with a possible disability benefit may be created for us, I worry even more. PWD will need to be financially independent for many reasons such as verbal, mental, physical & physiological abuse to mention a few, therefore, the new benefit must be based on individual income NOT combined household income & keep in place the DTB for household income. We have to do much better for Canada's most vulnerable population, PWD!

oct 2, 2020

This was originally sent to MP Karen Vecchio
Now to MP Jamie Schmale

(This has also been sent to the PM and his ministers and many many more)

Good morning,

I am writing to you in hopes that you will be able to help get our message out.

I will start by saying that I make $753 on CPP-D.

I am on CPP-D because I have primary progressive multiple sclerosis which makes day-to-day activities hard never mind working a full-time job.

I am not able to get a top-up by the Manitoba government because I am married and they have told me that it is my wife's responsibility to take care of me. Even though she has health problems and works a minimum wage job, and now is effected by COVID as she works in the travel industry.

Obviously, I am not the only one in this situation and we need someone to help us.

The pandemic has brought to light that the government believes that $2000 a month is a livable wage. That would put me $1247 away from that amount.

I know that I would be happy with a monthly payment of the difference, that would be almost double of what I get. That $1247 would go a long way and would alleviate the stress not only on my wife, but would give me a little dignity back as I would be able to contribute more to our household.

I have been writing to the liberal government about our situation for over a year also to our local MP Daniel Blakie and have never received a proper response.

I hope this matter will be brought up with the appropriate ministers.

Thank you

oct 2, 2020

I'm disabled with Post Polio Syndrome for 20 years and had a heart attack and stroke during the past 10 years. I'm non-ambulatory and suffer constant pain. Notwithstanding that, I am in better health because I take my medication, eat right, exercise and try to stay positive.

COVID has created many horror stories about living conditions and my story is one. I was 71 when I read the news in January that there was a new virus out of China. My wife said she was leaving, wanted a divorce. While extremely disappointing, I knew it can be hard for a spouse to go through their partner's health issues. What I didn't expect was months of emotional and financial harassment.

My wife started a campaign to have me declared incompetent and committed to long term care. I got my doctor and Seniors to end that. She stopped helping around the house and contributing to house expenses. She refused to socially isolate or disinfect touch surfaces at home. My days got much harder as I tried to do all the work Public Health suggested to avoid COVID. She would pick a fight over little things without notice.

When the emotional abuse got too much, I called Seniors Adult Protection. While they were sympathetic, the program assumes the husband is abusing his wife. There are no programs to assist men in trouble. They had nothing but kind words to offer. So I called the police and they came to the house twice and made her go to the police station once. Things got a little better but since Stage 3 opened up social gatherings, it's gotten worse.

I finally hired a lawyer and maybe they will get a court order for her to leave after 9 months of abuse. My anxiety level is so bad that I'm getting chest pains. I worry about another heart attack.

juil 9, 2020

I am disabled and live in Toronto. Recently they enacted a mandatory mask by-law. The law says vaguely that people who can't wear masks for medical reasons don't have to, and we don't have to disclose medical info or provide proof. There are no instructions to businesses on what they can and can't do if someone doesn't wear a mask. I can't wear a mask and I'm deeply concerned that I will be harassed and denied service by both staff at stores where I buy necessities, and members of the public. There have already been a couple of confrontations between store staff and people who won't wear masks, and the non-mask wearer was vilified and demonized in the news media. When I heard about this law I immediately stocked up on necessities so I won't have to go out and be hassled. If it happens I will have nobody to turn to, won't be able to call police, and won't be able to complain to anyone. Governments as usual aren't doing anything to accommodate the disabled with their forced mask laws.

mai 21, 2020

I have multiple disabilities which are adversely affected by conditions created to counter COVID 19. First of all, I am extremely sensitive to many chemicals in personal care products and in things like fabric softener and disinfectants, etc. I’m really suffering trying to get groceries, medications, etc because of the ubiquitous use of disinfectants sprayed on buggies, door handles, etc. Second point is that I have a great deal of difficulty standing for very long. A few minutes is tolerable at the most. With many businesses I have managed to find times when lineups are shorter and have adjusted accordingly. However, my main problem has been getting service from my bank. I have not seen a lineup shorter than an hour each time I go. This is unacceptable for many people with mobility issues. The banks are trying to force us to use ATMs however this doesn’t work if your transactions are over the limits. My bank has one hour minimum lineups and only one teller working where they used to have maybe 15 minute lineups and 5 or 6 tellers working. They no longer provide a chair to sit in while waiting or at the tellers’ wickets making a trip to the bank next to impossible and unnecessarily stressful. Finally, due to disabilities I have limited energy and sleep later in the morning to allow myself a little time in the evening to contact friends and family when they have free time. Also, it takes me longer to get myself going in the morning due to chronic pain. Getting to the stores by 7am to take advantages of special hours for those with disabilities is impossible! I’d have to wake up at 4:30am to make it. Not to mention trying to arrange for transportation if needed. Once again it seems those of us with disabilities are an afterthought if were even thought of at all.

mai 15, 2020

Another week has gone by after 9 weeks in isolation. I've been diagnosed with a chronic illness with no cure and am receiving CPP Disability benefits. Coping was difficult on a normal day and then Covid-19 came into our lives. All of my supports such as physio, osteo, massage etc. were abruptly cut off. I also live alone and so ended up isolating by myself. This lack of support physically and financially as well as the stress and anxiety of the last few months has negated all the progress I had made in my health journey. Because we receive so little in benefits I had to work as much as I could manage last year but I didn't make enough income to qualify for CERB. I've been patiently waiting for some temporary relief from the government to at least help with the higher costs related to the pandemic but I'm losing hope. This is beyond frustrating.

mai 14, 2020

Good Afternoon,
I am all for the extra bonus for Seniors during this epidemic but here is my issue, I am on CPP Disability I've worked all my life since I was sixteen, then I had an injury at work about twenty years ago and had to go on disability. I'm sixty three years old, single, have no family and receive $859.60 a month which isn't even a living wage and way below the average cost of living. I've contacted members of Parliament, local & municipal government and have not received any response ... yet.
Everyone seems to be receiving money in Manitoba - Infrastructure, Business, Landlords, Students, Farmers, Seniors, Workers, EI, Social Assistance etc. What about all of us on CPP Disability where are our extra funds to help alliviate expenses - prescriptions, food, homecare etc.
Why do we always fall through the cracks? What happened to "We're All In This Together" - except the disabled? Is there anyway that you could inquire to the powers that be, why people on disability haven't received any extra funding during this pandemic?
Thank You for your time.

avr 20, 2020

Hello, this is one of many emails I have sent to dso Central West Region
Good morning,
I rang this morning and left a msg. This is the time to support clients and their families, using discretion. The agencies are being accommodated and still being paid to continue to carry out their responsibilities in spite of this pandemic. Supports are in place. Other ministries, organisations, employers etc are. There is no excuse. Again my son is not getting what he needs. He has a right like every other human to be supported during this time and procrastination is not right.