Let's Get These Questions in the Debate

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Let's get these questions asked in the upcoming federal debate:

1. Despite the passage of Canada’s historic national accessibility legislation in 2019, federal funding can still be used to create accessibility barriers for Canadians with disabilities. For example, there is a critical need for affordable housing for people with disabilities, but there is no requirement that housing supported by the federal government be accessible. What is your commitment to ensuring that anything the government funds, such as housing initiatives, be accessible for people with disabilities?

2. Over half a million Canadians with disabilities are able to work, but are unemployed due to barriers in the workplace. This leads to poverty, poor social outcomes, and dependence on costly public programs. What is your commitment to ensuring people with disabilities have access to barrier-free employment and training opportunities that meet their needs and provide an adequate income?

Send them to: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/leaders-debate-questions-canada-election-2019_ca_5d3f0184e4b01d8c977ee2c5?2ds&fbclid=IwAR0mZHpvze1Zg_Swl6DFrVQK37ct7UxQYkNh3aA-Y7W5pE38AXH5QDr-SDc