Become a FALA Partner

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Our goal is simple: We want a strong and effective Accessible Canada Act.

With your help, we can reach this goal. There’s strength in numbers.

We are an ever growing network of multi-sectoral, cross-disability organizations dedicated to strengthening Bill C-81 – the proposed Accessible Canada Act. To date, we are 85 organizations strong – and we are always looking for more partners. Please join us.

Strengthen Bill C-81 With Us

We invite your organization to become a partner. It’s easy. Fill in the form below, and here’s what we will do:

  • Send you updates from the FALA Leadership Team – keeping you in the know about what’s happening with Bill C-81
  • Engage your organization in improving Bill C-81 through organized campaigns
  • Connect you to great resources relevant to Bill C-81 and the Accessible Canada Act
  • Send you social media posts/newsletter articles to share with your members and community

What do you need to do as a partner?

  • Tell your membership and community about what we are doing.
  • Give us feedback and on our work.
  • Oh, and you’ve got to be Canadian, eh? This is Canadian legislation – but thanks in advance to all other countries wanting to help out.

We would like to partner with the Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance (FALA) to ensure that the proposed Accessible Canada Act is strong and effective legislation. I agree to informing our organization’s membership and community about FALA’s work. I look forward to supporting FALA’s efforts.

PS: If you're feeling a little unsure of what Bill C-81 is about, don't worry. We've got you covered. Check out our short, plain language version. But don't forget to also fill in the form above ^^.