About the Canadian Disability Benefit Initiative

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The Canadian Disability Benefit Initiative – Disability Without Poverty


The Canadian Disability Benefit Initiative – Disability Without Poverty – is led by people with disabilities. The goal of the initiative is to define the best benefit model that will get people with disabilities out of poverty. For those who want to join the initiative, there will be opportunities to give your input and shape what this benefit will look like for our community. 


This initiative has started at the grassroots level, with people coming together who want to see this change happen. None of the funding for the work comes from any level of government.


When people with disabilities decide we have the right benefit model, we will then work with the Government of Canada to provide people with disabilities living in poverty a Disability Benefit.


Include-Me.ca is part of Disability Without Poverty. We are ready to add fuel to the fire. Our goal is to help engage people and organizations to tell the government what we want in a benefit and how we want it administered. We will let you know about what is happening in this initiative and how you can be involved. Sign up today to stay in touch.


In case you are new to Include-Me, we are an online social movement of individuals and organizations. We first came together to get Bill C-81 – the Accessible Canada Act – passed. Now we work to ensure that the Act is strong and effective. We want every Canadian to be able to say, “My Canada Includes Me!”


When the Canadian Disability Benefit Initiative has its website launched, we will share the link. In the meantime, here’s some information about the initiative:


Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of the following people:

Bill Adair
Mark Cabaj
Steven Estey
Zoe Elverum
Rabia Khedr
Michelle Hewitt
Amanda Lockitch
Guillaume Parent
Luca Patuelli
Gary Tinker
Andrea vav Vugt
Jayne White


Partners Team

The Partners Team consists of the following organizations:

Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion
Deen Support Services
L’arche Canada
Plan Institute
Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
Spinal Cord Injury Canada


Other public engagement partners include Ethelo and Angus Reid.